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St Josephs drawing

St Joseph's Catholic Church Stockport

Men and Women of St Joseph

Around two years ago, a group of women decided to follow the Men of St Joseph and form as a group to meet here in church, to call themselves the Women of St Joseph, with the three fold mission of serious prayer, serious study and serious fellowship.
A few initial meetings of the founder members took place including some planning of details such as which night the group would meet and what would be studied, and how. The group was publicised and, as it was decided to study the Catechism of the Catholic Church, it was enrolled with an organisation who created a study guide for the Catechism. The necessary books were ordered and the founders went to the New Dawn Conference in Walsingham where the group was dedicated to St. Joseph, our protector. The first meetings were large and later that year the group split with another group starting up in Liverpool. We aim is for groups to form all over the country with the purpose of bringing England home to the Catholic faith. There have been retreats, talks, healing services, all night adoration, much love and support, prayer and learning.
The personal formation and growing closeness to our exciting God are just two of the many fruits.
The Women meet on Wednesdays, beginning with adoration at 6pm, during which there is opportunity for confession, followed by holy mass at 7pm and then sharing what really stood out or puzzled from the previous week's study. The Men of St Joseph meet similarly on Thursdays.
The contacts for the two groups are
WOSJ Karen Jordan , 07974 024288
MOSJ Simon Leigh , 07738 056761